Special Projects

In addition to annually supporting numerous long-term philanthropic endeavors and countless community charities, The Norcross Foundation dedicates itself to assisting the short-term needs of individuals and communities in their time of need. From feeding the hungry to helping those affected by natural disasters, The Norcross Foundation helps restore hope and give immediate assistance.

Cooper Veterans VIP Priority Program – In response to the report about the difficulties veterans face obtaining basic healthcare, Cooper sprung into action. Appalled at the estimated 25 day wait for primary care visits for New Jersey veterans, George E. Norcross III, Chairman of the Board at Cooper, proudly announced the Cooper Veterans VIP Priority program that promises same day service for veterans seeking primary care, as well as dedicated health care professionals to assist them with their overall healthcare needs.

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Community Day – The Norcross Foundation, in partnership with Conner Strong & Buckelew, hosts an annual Community Day where more than 200 employees participate in various community service projects at local New Jersey organizations in Camden and other towns. This annual day of service is just one way The Norcross Foundation and Conner Strong & Buckelew show that giving back to the community is a top priority. Employees volunteer their time partaking in a range of activities including math workshops, mural painting, furniture building, and landscaping.

Hurricane Sandy Relief – While providing community support is what the Norcross Foundation is all about, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it became clear that the need in our region had never been greater. Along with Conner Strong & Buckelew, The Norcross Foundation is proud to have responded so strongly by donating generously to local shelters, the American Red Cross, and All Hands Volunteers.

Medical Team Deployment to Haiti – Following the devastating hurricane that hit Haiti in January 2010, The Norcross Foundation and Cooper University Hospital mobilized a medical mission to support those impacted by the storm. For nearly two weeks, a Cooper medical team provided emergency, surgical and critical care for thousands of injured Haitians. The Norcross Foundation, in partnership with Cooper, arranged and paid for all of the expenses of the team, including transportation, medical equipment and supplies and other needs.

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Military Support – Too often, in our nation’s efforts to help those outside of our borders, we neglect those who defend the very borders themselves. With that in mind, The Norcross Foundation continues to seek opportunities to support the military families of this country. Each year, The Foundation, in partnership with Conner Strong & Buckelew, collects toys and books and donates them along with gift cards to local families in need.