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Three generations of commitment to the community

The Norcross Foundation was established more than two decades ago in order to further the philanthropic efforts of the Norcross family.  Beginning with their parents and being carried on by their children, the Norcross family has committed itself to supporting a wide array of causes and individuals in need throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.




Sandy Norcross

The Norcross Foundation, in collaboration with Conner Strong & Buckelew, annually donates to more than 200 nonprofit and community organizations across the South Jersey and Philadelphia region.

Through its efforts, The Foundation is able to further its mission of improving lives, enhancing neighborhoods, and advancing communities by focusing on real change and programs and policies that work.

The Foundation partners with organizations that improve education for Camden’s children, help disadvantaged individuals and those with disabilities, fund disease research, improve the safety of the community, and support arts and culture, among others.

The Norcross Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit and is the charitable arm of Conner Strong & Buckelew, one of the nation’s leading insurance, risk management, and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms with its national headquarters in Camden, New Jersey.


Charitable Recognition

In the years since its establishment, The Norcross Foundation, in collaboration with Conner Strong & Buckelew, has been consistently recognized among its peers for its philanthropic giving.


Since 2008, The Philadelphia Business Journal has consistently named Conner Strong & Buckelew one of the region’s top corporate givers. For years, Conner Strong & Buckelew has donated more than $1,000 per employee – a ratio that ranks the firm as one of the most generous businesses per employee in the entire region.


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Conner Strong & Buckelew Among Region’s Leading Corporate Givers Top Corporate Charitable Contributors



George And Carol Norcross


The Norcross Family’s commitment to the community began with the  commitment of George E. Norcross, Jr., and Ann Carol Conner Norcross, the parents of George III, John, Donald and Phil.

George and Carol believed in civic involvement and family, championing efforts that could aid education, community, and social services. George led the Union Organization for Social Service, founded in 1944 by area unions to work on community issues including drug and alcohol abuse, job training, food banks, disaster relief, clothing drives, and blood banks.

George also served on the Cooper Hospital-University Medical Center Board of Trustees for many years. A believer in the value of education, he worked with Rose Glassberg of the American Federation of Teachers to create the Peter J. McGuire Scholarship program, which has awarded more than $100,000 to the children of union members in South Jersey since its inception in 1985.

George served as chairman of the 1982 Camden County United Way fundraising drive, and he served for many years as chairman of the United Way board, becoming chairman emeritus when he retired. He also served as president of the Associated United Way of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for nearly a decade. He helped create the Camden chapter of the Labor Support Committee, which resulted in millions of dollars in donations to various charities.

Carol, too, was inspirational and a driving force committed to these issues and initiatives in addition to being a champion for the elderly, working for years at the Camden County Senior Citizens Center. Much of George and Carol’s work and passion is continued to this day by their children and families.



Norcross Family Plaque

George E. and Carole Norcross with their four sons: George III, John, Donald and Phil.  Due to his position in Congress, Donald Norcross is not involved in The Norcross Foundation nor does he benefit financially from the work or investments of his family.